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Paving support 

Caro Supports

A Block Co-polymer Polypropylene injection moulding that raises paving 15mm above the supporting surface. Easily stacked up to 120mm and separated into halves or quarters for edge and corner details.
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Paving and Decking Supports 

Caro Pedestal (Decking)

Our system has been successfully used since 1978 and can cater for virtually all decking situations. It is a fully engineered system of basic components that, when all combined, can give an economic solution.
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Flood Defence Systems 

Caro Pedestal (Paving)

As with the Caro Pedestal for Decking, the Paving version allows for the greater heights that may sometimes be required and that cannot be achieved with the stacking of the Caro Support.
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Caro Pedestals Installation YouTuUbe video 

Using the Adjustable Range

A short video showing the  Adjustable Paving and Decking range being installed on site.

Quick and simple to install, the range allows for infinite adjustments
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Why Choose Us

  • Simple Installation - Reduces Time and Labour
  • NEXT DAY DELIVERY Subject to Stock & Time of Order
  • Immediate Drainage Between & Under Surface
  • Economical Pricing
  • UK Design & Manufacture Since 1985

Latest News

Carosystems Limited secure Another Significant Order for Large Scale Paving Project in South Wales

Carosystems Limited were delighted to secure another significant order for its Caro Pedestal range for a large scale paving project in South Wales recently.

The order, secured via a leading National Builders Merchant from an experienced Landscaping Contractor in West Glamorgan, has seen 3,450no PV5/9 (52-84mm), 920no PV15/19 (150-183mm) and 4,350no C3/4T support plates for paving supplied to date. 
With over 30 years’ experience manufacturing and supplying to the Construction Industry, Carosystems continue to be market leaders for fixed height and adjustable paving and decking support systems.
To find out more information about the above products or our pedestal range in general, click here or alternatively call our Sales Team on 01763 244446.

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Caro Pedestals Products Literature
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Catch the Caro Paving and Decking Supports on Film!
Carosystems Adjustable Paving and Decking Pedestals, allow for infinite adjustment in height and level, for a robust and secure installation.

Built from various modular components, it's easy to see why the system has been so successfully and specified throughout Europe since 1978. You can view our latest video below to see the pedetsals in action and being installed for both a decked and paved area.

For more information on our Paving and Decking Support systems, please contact our sales team on 01763 244 446 or email info@caro.co.uk. Alternatively you can visit the About page here for more information.

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Caro Adjustable Pedestal Literature
Caro Adjustable Paving Range
Caro Adjustable Decking Range
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Why Caro Supports remain a go to product for paved areas
For over 30 years, the Caro Support system has remained one of the most economical and simple ways of laying paving on roof or terraced areas.
British-designed, manufactured and supplied worldwide since 1985, the Caro Support raises paving 15mm above the supporting surface and its 
integral spacers ensure a constant 5mm gap between each slab.  This allows surface water to drain away immediately, leaving an “ever dry” paved area.

Should you need to increase the height of your paving, the Caro Support can also be “stacked” up to a maximum of 8 supports high (120mm) with its fully interlockable design.
For fine adjustment, the 2mm Levelling Shim is also available.  The Shim acts as a “packer” when there are tolerances in the slab or deck.

The Caro Support is sold in boxes of 140 and the Levelling Shim is sold in boxes of 100.

For more information on our Paving and Decking Support systems, please contact our sales team on 01763 244 446 or email info@caro.co.uk. Alternatively you can visit the Supports page here for more information.


Paving supports

Paving supports

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Having manufactured and supplied the Caro Support since 1985, Carosystems introduce the Caro Pedestal, a Paving and Decking support system that further extends the Caro range. Allowing for heights from 3cm to 100cm the Caro Pedestal can cater for all requirements.