Why Caro Supports remain a go to product for paved areas

For over 30 years, the Caro Support system has remained one of the most economical and simple ways of laying paving on roof or terraced areas.
British-designed, manufactured and supplied worldwide since 1985, the Caro Support raises paving 15mm above the supporting surface and its 
integral spacers ensure a constant 5mm gap between each slab.  This allows surface water to drain away immediately, leaving an “ever dry” paved area.

Should you need to increase the height of your paving, the Caro Support can also be “stacked” up to a maximum of 8 supports high (120mm) with its fully interlockable design.
For fine adjustment, the 2mm Levelling Shim is also available.  The Shim acts as a “packer” when there are tolerances in the slab or deck.

The Caro Support is sold in boxes of 140 and the Levelling Shim is sold in boxes of 100.

For more information on our Paving and Decking Support systems, please contact our sales team on 01763 244 446 or email info@caro.co.uk. Alternatively you can visit the Supports page here for more information.


Paving supports

Paving supports