Paving and Decking Supports

Having manufactured and supplied the Caro Support since 1985, Carosystems Limited introduced the Caro Pedestal, a Paving and Decking support system that further extends the Caro range, in 2013. Allowing for heights from 1.5cm to 100cm the Caro Supports and Pedestals can cater for all requirements with the following benefits:
  • Immediate drainage between and under the area, thereby preventing the build up of standing water and plant growth
  • Protection of the waterproofing membrane from temperature extremes and direct contact damage
  • Much simpler installation, which reduces time and labour
  • Most services, drainage outlets, conduits, wiring, etc, can be concealed below leaving a safe, unobstructed area
  • A larger than average base area giving greater weight distribution
  • Instant access to replace damaged slabs or decking or to be able to inspect services without damaging the original installation.
Caro Support

Caro Support

Caro Pedestal

Caro Pedestal (Decking)

Caro Pedestal

Caro Pedestal (Paving)

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