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CARO SUPPORT is a High Density Polyethylene injection moulding that raises the paving 15mm above the supporting surface and can be easily separated into halves or quarters for edge and corner details. Any unevenness in the supporting surface or difference in the thickness of the slabs, can simply be adjusted out by the use of the 2mm thick Levelling Shims.
CARO SUPPORT makes the laying of paving slabs on roof or terrace areas, either directly on the waterproofing membrane or on high density insulation boards, a very simple and efficient operation.
Caro balcony paving decking supports

Estimation of Quatities

Due to the fact the CARO SUPPORT is easily divisible into halves or quarters, ensuring no wastage, it is possible to allow one unit per paving slab for estimation purposes.

However as most Bills of Quantities quote paved areas in square metres the table alongside will give a fair indication of the number of Caro Supports required dependant upon the slab size and area.
Supports for paving decking

Performance and Dimensions

Material: Block Co-Polypropylene - age and weather resistant and fully compatible with all roofing materials.

Height and Base: 15mm 
Thickness of Spacers: 5mm 
Height of Spacers: 15mm 
Thickness of Levelling Shims: 2mm 
Diameter: 175mm 
Base Area: 22500mm 2 
Maximum Loading per Caro Support 1200kgs 

Draft Specification

CARO SUPPORT Paving Slab Support System, as supplied by CARO SYSTEMS LIMITED, Edge Barn, 11 Market Hill, ROYSTON, Hertfordshire SG8 9JN. Tel: (01763) 244446 to support ........... m 2........... mm x ........... mm paving slabs (elsewhere measured). Unevenness in paved area after installation to be taken out using Levelling Shims available from CAROSYSTEMS.

Technical Assistance

For technical assistance or pricing & availability on the Caro Support, please call our Sales Department on (01763) 244446 or you can enquire using our online form.

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